We are on a mission to educate local businesses in order to ensure smiles, savings and solutions. PayBright business clients save an average of 30% on their processing alone.


We accomplish our mission via


No Contracts

PayBright is leading the way with a new way of doing business – we do not require contracts. Contracts are becoming a thing of the past. Don’t let your current processor or bank lock you into this kind of relationship. If they are, there must be a reason and it’s likely not a good one.

No Expensive Equipment

Are you tired of paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your credit card machine? Well you should be. With PayBright, we offer our exclusive free terminal swap program for all our businesses.

Exceptional Support

In today’s world who has time to sit on hold when trying to solve a problem? With PayBright, you have a dedicated customer service team that is not only local but picks up their phone 24/7. We don’t just give you a 1-800 number. We give you a cell phone number.



No Rate Increases

Changing the way payments are done. Unlike most, if not all of our competitors, PayBright guarantees to never increase the fees we charge for your processing. You no longer have to renegotiate your ever increasing bill every few years or get locked into unfair rates. Finally it's time you pay a fair rate forever.



Perks of PayBright


Get your money ASAP

Everyone appreciates speed. We offer next day funding with an 11pm cutoff time! Open late or not, no need to wait for your money anymore.

Point of Sale

Haven’t found the right system for your business yet? We have you covered. We offer top POS solutions without needing to pay an arm and a leg.


Improved Security

Data security is becoming more important so don’t gamble with relaxed security. Ensure you’re taking EMV chip cards and are 100% PCI compliant. 



Give the gift of customer retention and increased margins.

With PayBright we offer each of our businesses a customizable gift and loyalty solution at absolutely no charge. We want to offer value to your business and help you grow, which is why we aren't charging like all of our competitors. 


Why start a customer loyalty or gift program?

  • 18% of gift cards remain unredeemed, leading to more profits for your business

  • Gift certificates are old and outdated, upgrade to free customized gift cards. Plus, Gift cards serve as free add space in your customers wallets, let's take advantage of it. 

  • Loyalty systems are crucial to growing your business. Offer customers a reason to come back and continue to come back. Loyalty systems are proven to bring your customers back more and incentivize them to spend more when they are there.

You no longer need to be a big business to offer customizable loyalty programs. Let us show you how to grow your business.


"PayBright kept me in business- literally. I made the change from my bank and the savings carried me through a rough economy. Now I'm glad to say I'm back on track, business has turned around and I can thank them for saving me the hard earned money that allowed me turn the corner." - Bruce T.