PayBright's goal is to educate local businesses in order to ensure smiles, savings and solutions. 

With humble beginnings, PayBright was founded by college students at Furman University in Greenville, SC. Since its founding in 2012, PayBright has worked with over 3,000 happy businesses spanning the entire East Coast and is currently expanding West. As a young company, PayBright recognizes that its success is based upon the success and happiness of the businesses served. For that reason, PayBright created the concept 'merchant services, done right' a promise we always deliver on. 

Our Philosophy

Focused on saving you money

Fair pricing every time

No contracts and free terminals


Our Team

Dustin Magaziner.png

Dustin Magaziner


Dustin is the definition of a workaholic. Up late at night and awake early in the mornings, Dustin is always working on something. Having been born to a family of serial entrepreneurs, Dustin saw first hand what it takes to run a successful business. Having watched his families’ businesses struggle to understand the merchant processing industry he realized that most business owners don’t understand their merchant statements and as a result are being taken advantage with unfair fees.

Dustin is a core believer and founder in PayBright’s code of ‘Merchant Services Done Right’, a guarantee to maintain 100% fair and ethical standards with each and every merchant through total transparency, no early termination fees and no rate increases, ever. Dustin graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Economics from Furman University, South Carolina in 2015. While a student at Furman, Dustin was a distinguished member of a top ranked Mock Trial Team, a treasurer for the Student Government Organization as well as a member of the Riley Institute Advanced Team. Working full time, Dustin helped launch PayBright as a full-time student and under his leadership the company has grown exponentially and now has sales teams in Florida, South Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Colorado. For fun Dustin can be found enjoying the great outdoors hiking with his dog, sky diving from 10,000 feet out of a perfectly good plane or simply relaxing at home. 

Caleb Avery.jpg

Caleb Avery


Caleb has been with PayBright since day one. With a strong background in Finance and Entrepreneurship, Caleb worked internationally in the energy sector prior to his role with PayBright. Caleb received his Bahelor’s degree in Business Administration from Furman University, and currently resides with his wife, Kelsey, bouncing between their homes in Wellesley, Massachusetts and Boulder, Colorado.

After PayBright earned its proof of concept that business owners truly care about the idea of ‘merchant services done right’, Caleb has been crucial in PayBright’s expansion into the Georgia, Massachusetts, Florida, and Colorado markets. Caleb is committed to maintaining the local service approach and ensures that every PayBright sales agent is helpful, reliable, and available-day or night. In fact, Caleb has been known to offer his personal cell phone number to merchants on numerous occasions in order to ensure that they are satisfied with their service 24/7. Believing that excellent customer service is what sets PayBright apart from its competition, Caleb sets out each day to deliver on the promise of ‘merchant services done right.


Chris Pogue

Director of Sales and Operations, North East

Chris Pogue has been critical in helping PayBright expand in both South Jersey and Philadelphia markets. Chris has both recruited and trained numerous sales professionals and takes pride in PayBright's philosophy of savings, smiles, solutions with an emphasis on smiles. He holds a degree in Political Science and Foreign Policy from Furman University, located in Greenville, SC. 

Enjoying the action of life, Chris is often found playing disc golf, rock climbing, and scuba diving down under. He is a whole-hearted supporter of the local businesses around him, and believes that happiness and health are derived from finding one’s own inner peace and living simply. He prides himself on being able to relieve the stress many business owners face when dealing with their Merchant Services. 


Jake Wolff

Director of Sales and Operations, South East

Having played division one baseball for the Furman Paladins, Jake understands how to be a team player. Jake full heartedly believes that PayBright and each of its clients are a team and that by working together everyone wins. With a competitive and never give-up attitude, merchants can be assured that Jake will bend over backwards to ensure happiness 100% of the time. Over the years Jake has seen first hand the dishonesty and confusion that far too often exist within the credit card processing industry and that is why Jake has taken the pledge of 'merchant services done right', meaning he will always do what is best for his clients.  

Jake has a passion for his work and is currently focused on expanding PayBright's reach in the South East by hand selecting and training the best and brightest new sales reps. Jake instils a sense of honor and integrity within everyone on his sales team and takes great pride in their success.  With Jake or anyone on his team, a merchant can finally check credit card processing off of the list of things to worry about. Jake graduated from Furman University in 2015 with a Bachelors of Science in Health Sciences. Jake resides in Greenville, SC with his beautiful wife Brittany. He's an avid golfer, a gym rat, a lover of cars, and a dedicated company man.




Chai is the heart and soul of the PayBright. Although lazy, she brings constant energy and zeal to the business. Having been known to personally visit every dog-friendly merchant, Chai knows nearly every PayBright client in the South Jersey area by scent and works hard to ensure happy merchants 100% of the time. Like they say, "be the person your dog sees you as." And that's what we strive to do every day here at PayBright. 

Join us on our mission to make credit card processing more affordable, transparent and simple.