I switched to PayBright back in 2012. I was one of their first businesses and I couldn’t be happier with the company. PB has saved me thousands of dollars, they always pick up when I have questions and my sales rep has even sent business my way. The company is professional, transparent and fair. They are truly in a league of their own.

– Beth M

These guys are the real deal. I know several other businesses who use PayBright and they have all had the same great experience. I used to process with my bank and whenever I had an issue I would spend hours on the phone with a random tech support representative. With PayBright, they know me by name and always have a local representative nearby. Not only did they reduce my rate by more than 30%, but they have saved me hours worth of time through their great customer service and local representatives.

– Joe C

PayBright kept me in business- literally. I made the change from my bank and the savings carried me through a rough economy. Now I’m glad to say I’m back on track, business has turned around and I can thank them for saving me the hard earned money that allowed me turn the corner.

– Bruce T

I switched to PayBright about a year ago. The company dropped my rate by more than 1%, provided me with free gift cards and improved my funding time. My sales rep even stops in to say hello every few weeks. I would highly recommend PayBright for anyone looking to improve their merchant services.

– Dana J